3 people ride down the piste on sledges. A large railway bridge with a train on it can be seen in the background. It is a marvellous winter sports day.

Discover winter excursions.

Snow-covered landscapes and unique panoramas – explore the eclectic winter wonderland of Switzerland.

In Switzerland, winter is breathtaking – even away from the ski slopes.

Turn your face towards the sun. Breathe in the cool, fresh mountain air. Stir up flurries of snow and feel the wind in your hair. These experiences aren’t only to be had on the slopes. Set off on a winter excursion and experience the enchanting beauty of the colder months. Whether it’s a fast-paced sledging adventure, an energetic day of cross-country skiing or a winter hike with stunning views, impressive winter experiences await you. With RailAway leisure offers, you benefit from attractive discounts on your winter excursion and your journey by public transport. In need of inspiration?

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