A man and 3 children are sledging down the fast sledge run towards a railway bridge where a Rhaetian Railway train is just crossing it.

Preda/Darlux-Bergün World of Sledging.

Up to 20% discount. Experience twice the sledging fun.

Make the journey there part of your winter adventure.

A world-famous railway and high-speed fun on runners: the sledging world of Preda/Darlux-Bergün offers sledging fun at its best. Cars drive along here in summer, but in winter sledging fans young and old hurtle along the six-kilometre route from Preda, through the UNESCO World Heritage Site and down to Bergün. The four-kilometre sledge run from Darlux to Bergün offers even more thrills. Whether you take it easy or tear down the slopes, at the finish line, young and old meet to soak up the après-sledge atmosphere at the “Clix – il böt” bar.

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