A woman sits on a sledge and is shot at by her husband and two children with snowballs.

Sledging Fideriser Heuberge.

Up to 20% discount. Hurtle round the curves and down into the valley from an altitude of over 1,100 metres.

  • 20% discount on a sledging day pass, including the Fideris–Heuberge shuttle bus and sledge hire.

Convenient sledging fun on the longest sledging run in Switzerland.

The 12-kilometre sledge run leads from Berghaus Arflina down into the valley to Fideris. The winding route in the Heubergen promises an unforgettable winter experience for young and old alike. Night owls and adventurers may even dare to go night sledging or sweep down into the valley by the light of a full moon. Use the convenient sledge transport service or rent your sledge right at the starting point of the trail.

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