A group of children are sitting in a boat on the underground lake. The guide stands and shows the children something on the ceiling of the cave with a torch.

The underground lake of St-Léonard for schools.

Travelling with the Day Pass for Schools: visit the largest navigable natural underground lake in Europe.

Get the whole class on board! Paddle across Europe’s largest underground lake on your school trip.

With a length of over 300 metres, the ‘Lac Souterrain de St-Léonard’ is the largest natural underground lake in Europe and can even be navigated by boat. On a half-hour trip, you and your class will discover a fascinating realm – accompanied by a multilingual guide who will provide additional fun and excitement. The excursion can be perfectly complemented with a hike along the Bisse de Clavau, a walk through the old town of Sion or a visit to the nearby castles.

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