Photo of lined up blue butterflies.

Natural History Museum of Bern for schools.

Travel with the Day Pass for Schools: experience a collection of natural curiosities and an important research centre.

Step into the cabinet of curiosities of natural research.

The permanent exhibition ‘Cabinet of Curiosities – The display collection’ brings part of the “wet collection” to the public and shows its incredible diversity. Over 15,000 glasses are displayed on floor-to-ceiling shelves. A lot is stored in them - from iguanas, fish, crocodiles, penguins and insects to a collection of eyes. In the Cabinet of Curiosities, your class will get to view a collection of natural items, a research centre and an archive of life. Last but not least, they will bear witness to the most pressing problems of our time. ‘Why do we need animals in glass jars?’ Find out together at the Natural History Museum of Bern.

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