A school class on a path in the Aare Gorge.

Aare Gorge and Reichenbach Falls for schools.

Mystical and icy blue – an unforgettable school trip.

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Experience a wonder of nature: ice-blue glacier water and imposing limestone formations.

Constant dripping erodes the stone: over tens of thousands of years, the Aare has worked its way through the limestone cliffs of the Haslital. Marvel at the resulting rock formations and glacial mills. Your school class can go on an adventurous hike through the gorge on footbridges and through caves in around 45 minutes. The Aare Gorge is an all-weather destination – refreshing on hot summer days and even more impressive when it rains.

Fancy a dose of mystery to go with the mystique? See the infamous Reichenbach Falls with your own eyes. This is where master detective Sherlock Holmes challenged his arch-enemy Professor Moriarty to a fight. The struggle ended with a grim fall into the depths, straight into the thundering basin of the Reichenbach Falls. A waterfall which made literary history. The nostalgic railway takes you up into the heights in a 24-seater wooden carriage – with a view of the Reichenbach Falls guaranteed.

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