A girl sits on a swing under large trees. The view is of a typical old village in Ticino, with its rustic stone houses. The sun shines through the leaves of the trees.

By cable car from Verdasio to Rasa and up to Monte Comino.

In the midst of the Centovalli wilderness, two natural oases are waiting to be discovered.

Rasa and Monte Comino are perfect natural oases for those seeking some peace and quiet.

From Verdasio, the cable car takes you to Rasa or Monte Comino, two popular destinations for all those seeking an excursion in nature or the famous Swing the Worlds swings. Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you will find lush nature, bright sunshine and many hiking trails. The cable car valley stations are located right next to Verdasio train station, which can be reached on Centovalli Railway trains. The experience includes a wonderful panoramic train ride.

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