A group is standing in a room at the Sempach ornithological station. The floor is a picture from a bird's eye view, the walls and ceiling show the sky and paper birds hang from the ceiling.

Swiss Ornithological Institute for groups.

Travel with the group ticket: get to know local birds in a whole new way.

At the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach you can become a bird yourself.

Spread your wings: get ringed, hatch from an egg, choose your food and migratory strategy, and encounter various dangers. But which bird are you? Thanks to the ring on your finger, your choices will be registered and you’ll be assigned to a species. Are you an eagle or more of a wren? The Swiss Ornithological Institute’s visitor centre offers a unique and surprising experience to inspire you in all seasons and all weather conditions. As a group, you can also pay an exclusive evening visit to the visitor centre.

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