Help with RailAway leisure offers and Snow’n’Rail.

Here you can find answers to FAQs about RailAway, Snow’n’Rail and reduced-price combined offers.


What are Snow’n’Rail offers?
What are the advantages of Snow’n’Rail?
Where can I buy Snow’n’Rail offers?
Can I also load a ski pass onto my SwissPass?
Which lift stations have a pick-up machine or point of sale where I can exchange my voucher for a ticket?
At which lift stations is it possible to trade in my voucher for a ticket?
Can I combine leisure travel offers with supersaver tickets or Saver Day Passes?

Refunds and reimbursements.

Can I have a RailAway offer refunded?
Can a request be made for payment of the price difference for a leisure activity?
Can a ski pass for a ski resort that is open be refunded?

Online purchase.

Do I need to create a new login?
How do I know if my order was successful?
How do I get my ski pass?
Why can’t I see my tickets/ski passes directly on the SwissPass or in my SwissPass customer account after purchase?
How far in advance can a combined offer be purchased online?
Can I have a RailAway offer refunded?
Can I make purchases for other people?
Are products and services purchased online transferable?


What is a RailAway leisure travel offer?
Where can I purchase Snow’n’Rail offers and RailAway leisure offers for individual travellers?
Can I purchase RailAway offers online?
Can I also purchase RailAway offers in the SBB Mobile app and SBB Preview app?
Can I benefit from the discount on the additional product even if I have a GA Travelcard or have already bought my train ticket (e.g. Day Pass)?
Are the Junior Travelcard and the Children’s Co-Travelcard also valid for combined offers?
Can I load the leisure activity (e.g. ticket for admission, ski day pass) directly onto the SwissPass?
Can I also purchase just the leisure activity (not the train journey)?